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Us magazine cover invitro jolie

Hmmm I don’t know what to think about this new report from US Magazine…. But we’ll discuss anyways. :-)

According to US, Angelina Jolie and her lacky, Brad Pitt, wanted MORE kids ASAP after adopting little Pax.

“They conceived through in vitro fertilization,” a well-placed source within their camp tells Us. “They both desperately wanted more babies soon.”

“she wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of trying to get pregnant,” the source tells Us. “She could just knock it out.”

Just “knock it out”? Wait a minute, does this mean the took a LONG TIME TO GET PREGNANT WITH SHILO??? From watching all my friends, it isn’t that difficult to get preggers before 35. In fact, it seems to be super simple.

US also says that on average there’s only a 1% chance on getting twins naturally… But doesn’t (william) Brad Pitt’s family have twins?

What do you think?