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It's your cellphone! Blind Item


Friday night at The Grove. Movie theatre is packed to see Obsessed. The lights are down, the movie is about half way, when a cell phone stars ringing. Not vibrating, but ringing. One of those really loud ringing ones for people who like to hear it from a mile away. Everyone is looking around to see who the culprit is. This used to be an A list, Oscar nominated movie actress who now really doesn’t work except for keeping her husband glued to her, starts digging through her purse. It is still ringing. She finally gets the phone out of the purse. What would you do if this were you? You would turn it off. Our actress, says, “Hello.” And then has a one minute conversation before hanging up. Yeah, I can’t wait to see her at the premiere of the next movie her husband does, and get everyone to start talking on their cell phones.


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