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It’s You Versus the Pine Tree Needles – Shark Rocket Vacuum Review

Shark Rocket Vacuum Review. The versatile and lightweight shark rocket vacuum makes cleaning up easy as pie.

Can we talk about the worst part of the holidays? Cleaning up after all the of the wonderful guests that you have coming into your home. That, and pine needles, so. many. pine. needles. All over the floor. I hate Christmas tree needles.

The best way to battle the Christmas tree needles, and the mess from everyone coming to celebrate in your home has to be my new Shark Rocket vacuum. This lightweight and versatile vacuum can take on whatever you throw at it. Heavy traffic dirt, stairs, fine powders (for all of those cookie baking mishaps that are sure to happen) and yes, even pine needles.

stairs make me not want to vacuum ever again. Thanks to the Shark Rocket Vacuum for making that chore easier.
What really excited me about the new Shark Rocket Vacuum was how lightweight it is. I recently moved into a place that has a set of stairs. I have not had to vacuum stars in years! Then, once all of the boxes are mostly unpacked, and I could not handle to dirt everywhere, I remembered just how awful it is to have to schlep a full size vacuum up and down the stairs. I do not want to do that. Ever. The shark rocket and its detatchable pieces, make vacuuming my stairs less of a terrible chore. It is light, and the chord is long enough that I can go all the way up without worrying I have to stop and plug in somewhere else.

Not only is this Shark Rocket Vacuum good on stairs, it can suck up your baking mishaps. If you follow me on Twitter, you saw that I may or may not have had to put down an entire box of baking soda in the back seat of my car due to a fish mishap. The Shark Rocket adjusted down to a hand held size small vacuum making it perfect for cleaning my SUV. The baking soda did not stand a chance against the Shark Rocket and was gone in no time.

Switch out the accessories on the Shark Rocket Vacuum and it goes from a full size stand up to a hand held in no time.

If you are looking to have a powerful teammate in your corner this year to fight against mess in your home, I suggest you get yourself a Shark Rocket Vacuum. It is lightweight, versatile, and easy to change out all of the accessories. Make your life as easy as possible, you have enough to stress out about during this time of year. But those pine needles don’t have to be one of them.
BusyBeeBlogger was not not financially compensated for our opinion but received a Shark Rocket Vacuum to review. All views and editorial content is our own.
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