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It's Kendra's turn…

kendra wilkinson laughing playboy pre espy party 2008

After Holly Madison took time to shoot down those page 6 rumors of Kendra leaving, it’s Kendra Wilkinson‘s turn to speak up…. Keep your head up K-Dub!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

what the hell is goin on??? haha

Ok i really dont know whats goin on out there in media world i feel like its me against the world right now. The internet is evil and people have every right to judge but i just wish people would be a lil more sensitive..I never said i was leaving, i never talk shit, i never try n step on anyone up here. Im just tryin to do what i gotta do to live and survive in this cold, nasty world n no im not meaning playboy mansion world, dont twist that haha!!
The show and the media can make me out to be whatever the hell they want me to be and its out of my hands. I cant sit here everyday n try n change peoples minds n get peole to love me, but i cant and i dont expect everyone to love me. I have my family and my couple close friends i love and that will do anything for me n i love all of my fans n i try to do my best and show my appreciation..all you can do is try and if you feel like in your heart you are giving everyday 100% i think thats all that should matter and yes things dont always workout in life like buisness but i dont give up, im a fuckin fighter n ima keep on fightin!!
I am a very stong person but i get really sad when people and people i frickin live with believe rumors n gossip. I really dont go on the internet cuz like i said, Its evil! but every now n then ill change my music on my page and write blogs defending myself hahaha!! Yes i know i have an annoying laugh but ITS MY LAUGH n theres nothin i can do bout that so im sorry if yall have to put up w it!!!!
I thought things up here at the mansion were better than ever n thought people were getting along great! just cuz we arent always together doesnt mean we r at war!! Im kinda sad right now and i love all you that understand me!! k gotta go n get ready for the espys love yall!!!

I must say, I love Kendra. And don’t worry too much hon, we love you here!

Here are more pics of K-Dub, Holly Madison, and Bridget Marquardt at the Playboy and Blu Ray Hosted PRE-ESPY Pool party at the Playboy Mansion last night! Kendra rocked it out! She looks so good!!!


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