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It's Judgment Day For Lindsay Lohan

Today is the day that Lindsay Lohan will learn her fate for breaking probation in her DUI case. Lohan was doing cocaine while on probation and wearing another SCRAM bracelet.

So, what might Judge Fox DO today in regards to LL??

• Lohan could be found in violation and be sent back to jail on the spot

• The actress could be ordered to stay in rehab in lieu of jail

• She might skip the hearing if her attorney can provide a letter from the Betty Ford Center demonstrating her progress

• Judge Fox could postpone the hearing all together to see how well she does in treatment [People]

Lindsay has been in the Betty Ford Center for the past three weeks in what could be another stunt to keep herself out of jail. This is the FIFTH TIME she has entered rehab (voluntarily or otherwise). Many times people will enter rehab to avoid jail time thinking that the judge will “go easy” on them since it would look like they are taking steps in the right direction.

“Judge Fox has to balance whether to help Lindsay with her addiction or punish her with jail,” says Sitkoff. “But if she continues to mess up by not following the court’s orders, he won’t hesitate to lock her up.”

In my opinion it’s not the court’s main concern to keep LL sober. That’s HER job. But, if she CONTINUES to break the rules of her contract with the courts, by violating her parole, or simply the laws of the state she chooses to live in, the judge SHOULD punish her for her choices.

We shall see later today.

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