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It’s All About The Flats

Prime Floridian Flat from ModCloth

Shoes are what make the outfit, well, that and the fit of your clothes, but just stay with me for the moment.

I have decided to put my heels in storage for a while and find myself some fun flats. *cat faces, or polka dots sure why not* Nothing like going to a spring and summer party and having your heel get stuck in the grass :-/

But flats aren’t just sweet and goodie goodie, you can show your punk rock/rockabilly side with them, too. :-)  *skulls included*

Check them out!

Business Skulls Flat from ModCloth Casual and Effect Flat from ModClothLilac Season Flat from ModClothA Night to Remember Flat in Dots from ModClothSunny Salutation Flat from ModClothRare Breed Flat from ModClothCritter Comforts Flat from ModCloth

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