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It’s about time!

Jayden James sean preston federline spears Britney spears wants her kids tested for drugs kevin federline is doing

The whole time those two yahoos, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were married, the tabloids were FILLED with stories of K-fed smoking it up in the house in front of Brit and even having his dealer hanging out with their first son. NICE!

And now that the two have split, it seems Britney’s the only one who’s getting tested, and she’s not happy about that. It only seems fair that he should get tested as well, especially if he’s doing it around Jayden James and Sean Preston.

Life & Style has this

“Britney believes Kevin’s been smoking pot in front of the kids,” says a friend of hers. “She says she can smell it in the boys’ hair and on their clothes when she has her visitation with them.”

Britney’s so upset, she’s determined to have Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, drug-tested to confirm her suspicions. “She’s asked the court-appointed monitor and her lawyers if they can prove the kids have been exposed to environments in which drugs have been taken,” an insider says. They told her she should snip off a few strands of their hair right after they’ve returned from Kevin’s place and have them analyzed in a lab…

Since Brit, 26, submits to regular court-ordered drug tests herself, her legal team intends to call an emergency hearing if Sean and Jayden test positive for pot. “Kevin could lose custody,” says the insider.

This seems credible considering….

In October the New York Daily News posted this tiny tid bit about Kevin Federline

” He is smoking marijuana all round the set, like it is just part of his lifestyle. The smell is so potent it’s obvious that he is not just smoking regular cigarettes. He doesn’t seem to see a need to hide it at all.”