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It’s A Scorcher, Hot Weather Stay Cool Plan

pinup girl elvgren cooling off fan ice block

It’s incredibly hot right now in Southern California, and even pinup girls need a way to beat the heat. All my fans are already on, and that ice block in Elvgren’s drawing is looking pretty good. My midcentury friends got up to 122 degrees yesterday in Palm Springs yesterday, and it’s supposed to be more of the same, today.

The people to help out are the young and your elderly neighbors. Go see if they need a fan, or some ice and water. There may even be some heat zones set up in your neighborhoods that have air conditioning set up just for these times of the year. These could be local schools, or churches. The mall is another great place to just go and sit in the cool air for free.

Get plenty of fluids, and not just daiquiris. Lots of water can help keep you cool.

Stay in the shade. The temperature can be considerably cooler out of direct sunlight.

Don’t forget your furry friends. Don’t keep the dogs and kitties outside in the sun! They are just as prone to heat as you are. Lots of water and keep them cool.

Please take care of you and yours, and check in on your neighbors that may need a little help.

Stay cool SoCal!

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  1. Does the ice in the daiquiris count?