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It’s a Lohan Rehab!

lohan rehab family splash

The Lohan clan went to Colorado to see Lindsay Lohan at camp. Uh, rehab.

Here’s LL getting chatty on the phone in the grocery store with her two siblings. I thought cell phones were taboo in rehab… maybe that’s just while you’re in the confines of the center.

Splash has more!

Firstly Lindsay paid a visit to the local supermarket with her brother and sister, the trio picked out a selection of food and drinks, which was loaded into the boot of their vehicle by the bodyguard.

That evening, the siblings joined their mother [Dina Lohan, also her manager] and grandmother for a meal at the Sundance Resort – a plush hotel, just minutes away from the rehab centre. They reserved a table in the ‘Tree Room’ and sat at a corner table, by a side window and tucked into a three-course meal. Lindsay sat by sister Ali, laughing and joking throughout the meal. “They looked to be having a wonderful time together,” one fellow diner said. “They were all in good spirits and Lindsay looked in very good shape. She was clearly happy to see her family and get out of Circle Lodge for a bit”.

No one I’ve ever known who went to rehab (it’s California, it’s mandatory to know someone who’s been there) was EVER allowed to leave…. EVER!!! So I don’t know what’s up with the dinners out and the groceries.

Just hope she’s taking this serious. But with the drug charges being dropped against her in BOTH of her DUI’s, I doubt it!