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Italian Inspired Limoncello Cocktail – Capri Spritz

Lemonade Day Cocktail – Italian Style

Lemonade day is this week, August 20th. Why not celebrate in style with an Italian inspired “lemonade”: a limoncello cocktail. The Capri Spritz bring two of Italy’s best known drinks together Limoncello with its lemon tart and sugar sweet, and Prosecco wine with sparkling bubbles.  (Limoncello is the perfect summer liqueur – to drink chilled, on the rocks or in refreshing cocktails.)

When you take a sip you can almost feel the Mediterranean sun on your face.
Linomcello cocktail with prosecco. Capri Spritz for lemonade day summer cocktail

1 oz. Limoncello di Capri
5 oz. Prosecco wine or Champagne

Pour Limoncello di Capri in a flute or martini glass, top with Prosecco wine or Champagne.

Of course if the kids want something sparkling and tart you can serve them lemonade paired with seltzer water. Enough fizz to make it fun.

If you have never gone out an purchased limoncello before, I would suggest picking up Limoncello di Capri. Limoncello di Capri is one of the few brands of Limoncello produced using only real lemons, is produced in small batches using only organically farmed (IGP certified) lemons from Capri and Sorrento, and made without the addition of coloring, preservatives or additives.

You could serve these in flutes, or a martini glass, but if you want to embrace the end of the Summer aspect of lemonade day, why not serve them in red cups. (Serve the kids their drinks in a different color cup just to be sure there aren’t any mix ups.) Make signs to put up around the yard that say “Lemonade 25 cents!”.  For the tables choose to lay out bright yellow or red checked table cloths, topped with sunflowers or wildflowers in pitchers or pickle jars.

For food, we suggest staying Italian inspired for the adults.

For the kids, why not have veggie covered pizzas sliced into fun squares? Or simple sandwiches they can grab and take with them.

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate Lemonade Day we hope it’s delicious. Cheers!

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