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It was for her HAIR

Hilary Swank talks about her vitamins cuts her hair for charity oprah

Last week Hilary Swank came out in W Magazine and talked about all the supplements she takes each day.

“This is my Aloe C, which I dissolve in water,” she says in the mag’s January issue. “Here’s my flax. This one’s for my immune system, and this one is my BrainWave — it’s great, like if I have a lot of lines to memorize. I just took my most important ones, which are my Oz Garcia Longevity Pak. I shoved them in my mouth right before I met you, which I actually shouldn’t do, because I choked on my vitamins once before.”

But she wasn’t too happy that W didnt explain why she was taking all of them. SPLASH news says that it was for her HAIR which she was growing out to donate (on the OPRAH show). How sweet.

Hilary Swank expressed her disappointment today, on the British show GMTV, that the real reason for her taking 45 supplements a day was never raised by the media.

The stunning star, who glowed in a short red dress, went on further to add that the reason she was taking so many pills was because she had been growing her hair for a Cancer charity.

I don’t think it really matters. That is A LOT of supplements. But I guess when you restrict your calories you need to get nutrients somehow.

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