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Is Jessica Simpson Trying to Copy Mariah Carey?

This Christmas season, both Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson are releasing their second Christmas albums.  Mariah released “Merry Christmas” in 1994 and Jessica put out “ReJoyce The Christmas Album” in 2004. This year, Mariah releases “Merry Christmas II” You and Jessica puts out her “Happy Christmas”.

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On Jessica’s new Christmas album she has a song called “My Only Wish” that seems to be, oh how should be put this diplomatically, INSPIRED by Mariah’s mega-holiday-hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Yeah, we’ll go with “Inspired by”.

Take a listen…
Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Jessica’s “My Only Wish”

Now you can say that every Christmas song sounds like that every other one and I would agree. But these two do sound similar enough that Jessica’s song writer was more than probably inspired by Mariah’s hit. No doubt. But then the song has been out every year for the past 16 years, so how could they not be??

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Images via Fame Pictures  Story Source Allie Is Wired