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Is Dina Lohan Shopping Lindsay's REHAB Again?!?!

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Oh lovely. Mother of the Year, Dina Lohan loves her daughter so much, that she’s shopping around Lindsay Lohan’s rehab experience to the highest bidder…. again!

According to a snitch over at Kikster Dina is trying to get some much desired dough from pimping out Lindsay, and the rest of her family.

“Not only has Dina been ‘shopping’ around her upcoming trip to visit Lindsay in rehab at Betty Ford with her “other” 3 abandoned children, Michael Jr,(22), Ali (16) and Cody (13) to media outlets for the sale of pictures BUT she is doing it to develop a new REALITY SHOW!”

Lindsay Lohan’s Breaks Out of Rehab For A Coke

Kikster’s source continues, “Dina(48) did this years ago when Lindsay first went into rehab. She sold the footage for an E! Network ‘Special’ and then worked with E! to land her reality show, Living Lohan.” The kikster insider goes on to say, “It’s really sad that Dina is doing this AGAIN. She’s been advised that it’s in poor taste but that’s Dina for you- it’s all about HER!”

I really wouldn’t doubt that this is happening. Dina would put Lindsay’s face of toilet paper if she could make a dollar from it.

Way to go Dina, you’re full of win. :-) And yes, I’m lying.

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