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Is Bride Wars anti Feminism?

kate hudson anne hathaway bridewars premier nyc

It’s winter, so to me that means snuggling in, when possible, and watching really silly movies, that I can eat popcorn to. Fluffy funny like milk duds in my popcorn with a small diet coke movies. The day outside is dark enough, why would I want to be bummed out when INSIDE??

That said, released this weekend was the newest chick flick, Bride Wars, starring Critics choice award winner, Anne Hathaway (I Love writing that) and Kate Hudson as brides to be who oops get their wedding dates mixed up and have it at the same time at the Plaza. What’s a girl to do?

Admittedly, I haven’t seen the movie, yet. It’s on the list for this week, and I don’t care who knows it. :-P But what struck me, was the review by MSNBC. It said

“Feminism is a casualty in ‘Bride Wars’”


The added bonus of “Bride Wars” — assuming you’re a misogynist — is that it portrays the contemporary American female as someone who will stab her lifelong friend in the back should said pal stand in the way of a dream wedding.

Well DUH! IT’S A FREAKING MOVIE!!!! I mean, COME ON PEOPLE. You could say the SAME thing about every other RomCom that comes out. That message being that you are never happy until you have that special someone to spend the rest of you life, or at least the rest of the movie, with.

I doubt I would ever see a profitable Rom Com that had a woman who was happy with her job, life, owned her own home, who didn’t really NEED to be with someone, and in the end she was happy with who she was, even if that meant she didn’t end up with the guy at the end.

And to MSNBC, I knew those girls in college. The everything in the world revolves around getting married and I’m just going to school to find the man who will have a good job to support me and my 3 kids, women. So they exist…

I just want to go and forget reality for about 2 hours and eat my milk dud popcorn. I’m not going to be changed by Kate Hudson, and Anne Hathaway in pretty dresses.

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  1. have fun at the movie!

  2. I know!!! This movie was on the “maybe” list now it’s for sure… :-)