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Is Adrianne Pregnant?

adrianne curry tori spelling pregnant

All through this last season of My Fair Brady, Chris Knight, and Adrianne Curry were discussing having a baby. When she showed up at Tori Spelling’s book release looking like this, she only got tongues a waggin’.

She says that she will discuss this on her online show tonight.

at 6pm​​ pac​​ifi​​c, 8pm​​ cen​​tra​​l, and​​ 9pm​​ eas​​ter​​n on www​. now​liv​e. com!

… I wil​l als​o be add​res​sin​g all​ the​se rum​ors​ tha​t I am pre​gna​nt!​ or can​’t get​ pre​gna​nt.​..

So who knows. If she is, she is. She HAS stopped smoking tobacco recently. And has been leaving some interesting MYSPACE notes too.