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Interview with Breaking Bad’s R J Mitte (Walter White, Jr.)

Breaking Bad R J MItte interview Walt Jr

This week’s interview from AMC is with the amazing R J Mitte, who plays Walter White Jr, AKA Flynn. In the interview he discusses sharing secrets from the set, showing the world what cerebral palsy really looks like, and his characters love of breakfast.

Q: There are so many Breaking Bad tributes on the web. Do you have any favorites about Walter, Jr. ? 

A: Yeah, breakfast! I’m definitely known for the breakfast scenes. Actually I’ve gotten a couple free breakfasts. I went into a place for breakfast and they were like, “No, it’s on us.” It’s funny people get crazy about the smallest things. People love the breakfast scenes. It’s funny to see what people have related to. Breakfast is one of those things that’s caught on.

Q: Looking back, what’s your favorite breakfast scene from the show?

A: It all goes back to the first breakfast scene, you know? That was definitely one of my favorites. It was the one that started it all. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with that bacon. It really does taste and smell just like Band-Aids, actually. At least the way that Skyler cooked it.

Q: Have you ever had any of Anna Gunn’s cooking? Is it anything like Skyler’s?

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A: It is nothing like Skyler’s. I don’t think Skyler legitimately cooks, if you’ve noticed. All the food she has prepared is already pre-cooked; all she has to do is nuke it.

Q: After five seasons of Walt and Skyler, are you ready for a new set of fictional parents?

A: Nothing is going to compare with Walt and Skyler, but we’ll see what happens. I want to see how people are going to relate to the White family when this ending comes. People are going to flip their lids.

Q: What was your reaction when you read the final script of the show? 

A: It was jaw-dropping. It really was. My first emotion was, “Oh my God, this is completely insane.”

Q: How hard has it been to keep Junior in the dark for six years? 

A: It wasn’t that hard. I didn’t really think about it. When you’ve dealt with divorce, and you’ve dealt with separation, and you’ve dealt with family issues like this… The children are always kept in the dark. Even though it’s like, how did you not see that? Walter, Jr.’s out with his friends, he’s doing things. He’s not there. And he’s just so worried about losing his family that his father being a drug kingpin is the last thing he’s thinking about.

Q: You’ve talked about how you wanted to get into acting to help educate people about cerebral palsy. How has Breaking Bad helped you do that? 

A: Breaking Bad has opened a lot of doors, especially in the disability community. There is such a small group of people that are actually disabled and on television. And there is such a small group of people that actually know about disabilities. Most people don’t even know that cerebral palsy exists. And disabilities are often such a taboo that no one ever wants to talk about them — it makes them too uncomfortable. But Breaking Bad has opened those doors tremendously, because I’m able to bring them up, and people want to talk about them.

Q: Has it been a struggle to keep the lid on what happens this season? 

A: You know, it has and it hasn’t. I don’t want people to know. And people that want to know, they don’t really want to know. People have been doing this for the last couple years. “Wait, tell me.” And then they say, “No, I don’t want to know.” It’s hilarious, because people don’t want you to spoil it. People want to let these characters play out.

Interview via AMC


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  1. nice kid

  2. does he really have CP?

    • Yes, he does. He says that’s one of the reasons he got into acting

  3. Great interview, he was fantastic on tonight’s show.

  4. Great interview… love this show so much

  5. Wow, very good interview!


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