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I TOLD YOU! Bradley Cooper Is Eric Draven In The Crow Remake!

“True Love… Never Dies” Bradley Cooper to play Eric Draven in new “The Crow” Remake?

Lawd have mercy.  H’wood really is going through with this aren’t they?

I told you that there was a “The Crow” remake being pushed through channels, and now, we have the star.  Bradley Cooper will be Eric Draven (the role that made Brandon Lee famous due to his accidental death on set).

Um.  Yeah.

I want to know what the producers were thinking with this one.  I mean, I love me some Bradley Cooper, but part of the appeal of Brandon Lee in the goth-centric Crow was that he wasn’t a big chested handsome man.  He was lean (kind of skinny) pale and dark haired.  It was a kind of “gothic” love story if you will.

I just don’t see Bradley Cooper looking like that.  Unless they’re just taking this in an entirely new direction.  Which may be good.  If the film is done in a totally new way, then the comparisons will be pointless.

(I’m not even going to discuss my opinion of the original movie for fear of being smothered in my sleep)

Soooooo… what do you think?  Bradley Cooper = Eric Draven for the new century? Tortured soul out to revenge his fiancee’s death on the night before  Halloween wedding?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Images via Bauer Griffin