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I Love this Story, Kirk Douglas’ Anniversary

kirk douglas anne douglas

It’s story time! Sit at the feet of a Hollywood icon, and have a snack. Kirk Douglas is about to tell us a story!

July 11, 2009 – Saturday

Happy Anniversary
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I wasn’t going to tell you this story, but I can’t resist. Not long ago, it was my 55th Wedding Anniversary. My wife said, “Honey, you never buy me anything. Oh, you send you assistant to buy me flowers or a gift, but you never go and pick out a gift yourself.” I thought about that, she’s right. So, I decided to get my wife a piece of jewelry, up to $5,000.00. I went to a famous jewelry store with my assistant Grace. They ushered me into a private room and they displayed many pieces of jewelry. I liked the first one I saw, a beautiful necklace and a matching bracelet. I said, “How much is that?” He said, “$800,000.00” I almost fell off my chair. And then I thought, perhaps he’s thinking in terms of Euros. I said, “That’s almost a million dollars!” He said, smilingly, “That’s right.” I said, “I wasn’t thinking of spending that much money.” He replied, “What where you thinking of?”

Now, I was embarrassed to tell him that I was thinking of something that cost $5,000.00 so I said, “I was thinking about $400,000.00.” “Oh, we can’t do that,” he said. So I quickly exited with Grace saying over my shoulder, “we’ll think about it.” I was so anxious to get out of that store. I had Grace order a big bouquet of orchids (my wife’s favorite flower) for our anniversary.

An hour later, my office called me, “The jewelry store just called, they have decided to give the necklace and the bracelet for $400,000.00” I gulped, “Tell them I’m so sorry, I just got my wife a present, maybe next time.” And I breathed a sigh of relief.