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I have a plan…


Anyone that watches the Discovery Channel as much as I do will be excited to know that there is a Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe marathon on Monday. My DVR is programmed!!! woohooo

But that’s not the point of this post.

We need to get Mike Rowe onto the cover of People Magazine. That’s right, the man that has spent his days, and some nights, doing the ickiest jobs that keep society running, on the cover of People Magazine.

Why?!?! Because he doesn’t think that he will ever be there.

I’m a sweaty guy covered with blood and poo. I doubt you’ll see me on the cover of People Magazine any time soon.

But think about it. He has a hit show (a real reality show no fake contests or locking people in a room together until they turn on each other), a cult following, he’s funny, smart, self depreciating, good looking… Come on! That’s more talent than most of Hollywood!!!!

So join me, won’t you, in watching Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe all day on Monday, and writing the editor at People Magazine.


And if this happens, I want a signed copy darn it! ;-) Or maybe he can come see the dirty job that is framing houses. I have a connection.

Photo From Discovery’s DVD Shop where you can buy season 1 of Dirty Jobs…Please click here to buy a copy :-D haha