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I Can’t Make this Up.


Lindsay Lohan. DUI. Cocaine. Does this all sound familiar? Maybe I should just have this post pop up once a month….

The twice rehabbed “celebrity” was bust THIS MORNING!!!!

Law enforcement now says Lohan was stopped after cops got a call of a vehicle being chased by another vehicle. The chasing vehicle was being driven by Lohan.

Lohan was driving a white Denali. She was chasing a Cadillac Escalade.

She was initially suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. A field sobriety test was conducted and she was subsequently arrested for DUI.

At the station, a search of her person was conducted, and cocaine was found in her pants pocket.

A breath test was conducted and her blood alcohol was between .12 and .13. TMZ

The recently turned 21 “actress” was released on bail earlier this morning according to TMZ. Updates as we get them… I knew that SCRAM bracelet was a hoax.