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I am… Sasha Fierce Review

beyonce phillipines

Hmmmmm I was wondering if this album was worth buying.  Especially since it’s supposed to be Beyonce’s most open and “naked” yet (the I AM part anyways).  But after reading FourFour’s“Shady and Shadier” review, I don’t know if I’ll even consider it.

I Am sucks primarily because of Beyoncé, though. She lacks the grit to rise above mediocrity — despite sloppy delivery (she climaxes way too early), her voice sounds very pretty on “If I Were a Boy.” Maybe it’s at it’s prettiest. But there and everywhere, that’s all it is. Compare the way Keyshia Cole breathed life into the rolling liteness of “Heaven Sent” with everything Beyoncé’s doing here, and you’ll hear that by not being at odds with her music, Beyoncé fails it.


As for Sasha Fierce…

Sasha is such a likable, unpredictable, sometimes hilarious character (“Hello,” a maudlin ballad, makes it on the second disc because of her hammy delivery and it is indeed better than anything on I Am) that she renders Beyoncé irrelevant. Sasha has chunks of Beyoncé in her stool.

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