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I am having a lilac moment right now

the prettiest pixie dress modcloth

Listen, I know that deep emerald green is supposed to be the color of the year, as shown in the jewels at the Golden Globes, but I am having a major lilac moment right now. Maybe it’s the HINT of color, just like in winter. Nothing is ever WHITE there’s always a hue below the surface. Or maybe I am just tired of the saturated looks of the past two seasons. Either way, lilac is doing it for me right now. Dresses, shirts, or accessories like glasses, pins, scarfs or bags.

So yeah. Lilac. There ya go.

Early Modern Elegance Contouring Undies from ModCloth I Lilac It Like That Bag from ModCloth Hollywood If I Could Sunglasses from ModCloth Retro Rosie Earrings in Violet from ModCloth Color Coordinator Top from ModCloth Logo-Getter Tank in Lavender from ModCloth Affection for Confections Dress in Lilac from ModCloth

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