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Hugh Hefner Files For Divorce

hugh hefner

File this under, whatever, but Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is finally divorcing his second wife, former playmate Kimberly Conrad. The two have been separated for 10 years! Kim and her two sons with Hef have lived next door to the Playboy Mansion ever since they split.

According to People

Hefner decided to file for divorce, he says, after Conrad sued him in recent weeks for $5 million stemming from the sale of a home they owned together. He strongly denied that he owes Conrad any money, and that he’s faithfully paid her $250,000 a year as promised in a prenuptial agreement.

He adds: “I would’ve been happy to divorce her when we separated, but she wanted to remain married for our boys.”

What’s the point of being married if you are both dating other people? Even if it is “for the kids”? Won’t the kids somehow figure out that mommy and daddy aren’t really together?

Hef’s reasoning on selling the house though makes me giggle. His sons are both out of school, and off to college, I believe, so now it’s get the hell out for the ex. LOL. Word is Kimberly HATED the Playboy lifestyle of all the girls around and the parties, so leaving the area of the resuscitated Playboy Mansion should have been a blessing.

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