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How Your Wine Is Made, Pressing Grapes At Fifty Barrels Winery

In my week that was full of luxury, heated seats anyone?, I used my voice activated map on the ILX (once I figured it out) to head out and see just how my favorite wine was made.

The men of Fifty Barrels Winery let me into the barrel room to watch them press the grapes for their Cabernet.

It turns out, that the pressing and making of wine has not changed too much, ever. The press is filled with grapes (after sitting in their bins for about two weeks) and then they are squished. Plain and simple. There is a pump that brings the juice into a giant container, and the press has a giant air bladder that fills with air. Other than that, it’s all done by hand.

Once the holder is filled with the juice, it will eventually go into barrels for about 18 months. Then we get to drink it!

Of course, I think they simplified a few of the steps for me to get the basic idea. But I was fascinated watching how it all works.

Check out my video of the process below!

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