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How To Get The Best Hair From The SAG Awards: Emma Stone, Julianne Moore

Screen actors guild awards

Last night was one of the most favorite awards show of the season. The actors love the Screen Actors Guild Award even if we’re just getting used to it being on TV. Of course the SAG awards is just another excuse for them to get dressed up and get their hair done. Two of the resounding favorites from last night were Emma Stone and her pony tail with absolutely not flyaways in our super dry weather in southern California, and Julianne Moore with her soft waves.

To learn how to get these two perfect hair styles from the red carpet click below.

Redken hair stylist Jenny Balding, Cutler gives us the tips on how to get the best looks from SAG last night

Emma Stone

SAG Award Winner Emma Stone’s simple, sleek ponytail complimented her tuxedo-inspired Dior gown.  “This style has become a red carpet favorite and even though this look appears very simple, the attention to detail is what makes Emma look so striking with this side part low ponytail.  This style gives a polished edge to any look as it keeps you looking streamlined.”

  • Start by creating a low side part, focusing on keeping the part very straight.
  • Blow dry hair very smooth and straight and then use a straightening iron throughout to give the ultimate sleek finish.
  • Sweep into a low ponytail at the nape.
  • The attention to detail with the part and the sleek finish really transforms a simple ponytail into a chic style.
  • Finish by misting Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist all over to create the ultimate shine.

Julianne Moore

“SAG Award winner Julianne Moore’s effortless polished wave is perfect to take the edge of a very dressed up look while still complimenting it beautifully.  There are many versions of a wavy look, but to create this effortless, polished wave you need create a good foundation first to achieve an effortless finish.”

  • Start by blow drying her smooth to remove any frizz and promote shine.
  • Create a clean middle part.
  • Use a light weight hairspray, such as Redken fashion work 12 versatile hairspray, to mist each section before using the curling iron.  This will give the right amount of hold and flexibility your need.
  • Use a 1″ 1/2 curling iron and use vertically starting from the mid-length to the ends throughout the whole head.
  • Using a Mason Pearson type brush, brush through the waves to create this polished finish.
  • Finish by misting Redken Diamond Oil High Shine Airy Mist to create exceptional shine.

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