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How To Get Perfect Cat Eye Makeup

panda eyeliner makeup oops

If you are like this Southern California pinup, trying to get the winged eyeliner look can take all morning. This how-to video will make your life so much easier.

The secret to get cat eye winged eye liner is to either have the most steady hand in the world, or makeup erasers. I use the latter, and I was excited to see in this how-to video that they do the same. You still need some practice, it is not as easy as I thought it would be just to swoosh the liner over my eyelid.


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  1. Love this look, thanks for the great tips

  2. I love those felt-tip marker eyeliners — perfect every time.

    • They are the best! I quite like the smudged kohl look, can work well with a tonne of shadow!


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