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How Much Would You Pay Xtina To Play At Your Party?

I’m not cheap -BusyBeeBlogger

So, I have thrown a few parties, and fundraisers. And many times, there’s either a D.J. or if I’m REALLY lucky, a good band. Usually, I get people who like me enough, or my cause, and they do it for cheap. But how much would I pay for a HUGE star to play at my party? Well, I have about 2 dollars in the bank, so how does 50 cents sound?

But I’m not a guy with too much money.


TMZ is reporting that Christina Aguilera was down in my neck of the woods for Halloween, and made a cool MILLION DOLLARS for one hour’s worth of work. Charles Brandes, and “investment guru” hired the soon to be single singer to play, PLUS the costs of her hair, makeup, travel and other related costs. And we all know that her makeup bill was what put it over the edge.

Not a bad payday if you can get it. I wonder if we will get any video from it.

Who would YOU want to have play your party? How much would you pay?

Images via Fame Pictures

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