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How I met Britney…

Here’s your sneak peek at Britney Spear’s guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother. And how do they choose to promote the show? “Can we have sex, then go shopping?” Yup, that’s it!

When asked about her time on set, Neil Patrick Harris had this to say to OK!

“When she was with us, she was rather shy and intimidated,” he explained. “Probably because she doesn’t have a lot of acting experience, especially sitcom experience.”

And as for reports that the 26-year-old mother of two was a nightmare on the set, Neil said, “I wouldn’t call her a nightmare. She’s living one.”

While Brit might have been surprisingly quiet around the set, Neil admitted that the hysteria surrounding her even made its way past studio security.”When she’s on set, it’s kind of chaotic, hectic,” he explained. “Even though she was quiet and behaved… She brings that energy with her.”

OK I hadn’t heard she was anything but professional on set, OK! is just trying to start crap.