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heath ledger and lindsay lohan are hooking up in new york city

This is just dirty. Not as in kinky, really, but Heath Ledger looks like he doesn’t shower… blech.

It seems that one of the reasons that Lindsay Lohan kicked her rehab rebound, Riley Giles, to the curb was that she was over him, before they even came back home from NYC.

Lindsay Lohan’s marked her return to the celebrity party circuit with a series of sexy late-night hook-ups with Aussie actor Heath Ledger.

The pair enjoyed a string of raunchy dates while Lindsay was in New York recently, and the Georgia Rule actress was spotted frantically texting the actor after a visit to hot spot Beatrice Inn.

And considering how much Heath hates the paparazzi, and press in general, we will never know if this really happened or not… maybe Lindsay will get drunk (again) and start sharing weird stories with the photogs (again). Awesome!

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