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Holly's Back to Blogging

girls next door guitar world magazine july 2008

I know I’m to blame for some of this, but Holly Madison took to her MYSPACE BLOG, again, to write about the haters hating on her and fellow Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Latest . . . .

haha . . . even our blogs about the rumors start new rumors. It’s getting funny. The irony is all the madness just brings Kendra and I closer together. We all 3 shot a hot photo shoot together today so chew on that haters!

I’m feelin’ my new profile song . .

Thank you all for the supportive comments . . you all are so sweet and made my day!


BTW the SONG she’s talking about is HOLD ON by KORN… a little hard core for a fluffy bunny!

I really don’t think there’s a big deal between those two, but I will keep posting as long as they do. I can’t wait to see the pics Holly’s talking about.. RAWR!

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