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Holly Madison Slams Celebrity Playmates [pics]

More than just a pretty face, Holly Madison was also an integral part of Playboy’s ladies until her split from Hugh Hefner. While she was working for the magazine, Holly was privy to the behind the scenes life of the shoots, and of course who got what in the areas of “retouching”. And she’s not afraid to say what she thinks of certain centerfolds.

“Here’s my pet peeve,” Madison says. “It’s when people pose for Playboy and they’re like, ‘Blah, blah, blah. I just wanted to show that fortysomething-year-olds could be beautiful,’ but then it’s like all Photoshopped anyway…Sometimes the pictures don’t even look like photographs. It looks like it came from the same people who brought you Shrek.”

Madison’s not naming names, but she says celebrities are usually the ones getting cleaned up in the pics. “Playmates don’t need retouching because they’re picked for what they look like,” she explains. “But a celebrity pictorial will come out and you’re like, ‘That just walked out of a video game because it doesn’t even look like a photo.’ “[E]

Ye-ouch! Not that she’s wrong, mind you. But I can only assume that certain ladies are not all that happy to have Holly slamming their shoots.

Will the now Las Vegas showgirl be gracing Playboy ever again?

“Maybe not right away because I was just on the cover last year,” Madison says. “Maybe get a little bit of time in between, but I also don’t want to be one of those superold ladies who needs a ton of Photoshop either.” [E]

Wow, Holly was feeling very free with the words now wasn’t she? Maybe she was a little miffed about Hef saying he may marry his NEW girlfriend!

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