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Holiday Food Fun – Yum, Fondue


It’s the holidays!!! That means being overwhelmed and not wanting to do anything, let alone cook yet another big dinner.

Let me tell you, one of my favorite ways to take the stress out of dinner, and not just for the holidays. Fondue. I do mine with LOTS of chopped fruit, dried and fresh, and of course some french style bread. I can eat this alone after a long day, as a date night, or with my friends’ kids on the floor.  I love love love cheese fondue, and have just found the chocolate fondue by Emmi in my grocery store.


THIS would be PERFECT for Christmas Eve late night dinner/dessert, or even a casual New Years Eve. You can do this as fun or romantic, just depending on who you are with. I am child free, but I KNOW a lot of you have kids. What better way to get them to eat fruit in a new fun way?! Dipped in chocolate or cheese, or both in one night.

Here are a few tips on how to make this a great holiday treat for you and yours.

  • Let children each pick a dipping item you will serve, with so many possibilities from veggies and fruits to breads and meats – everyone will find a combination they enjoy
  • While wine is a suggested beverage pairing for adults, sparkling cider, grape juice or ginger ale served in a special glass and garnished with fruit is a treat for the kids
  • In the Swiss tradition, if a woman drops her bread into the cheese, she must kiss the person next to her; for kids, have whomever drops their bread do a silly dance or sing a song for the table
  • Play a game where the person who tries the most adventurous or unique combination (like dipping broccoli into chocolate fondue) wins a prize
  • Ready for dessert? Dip holiday cookies or gingerbread men into chocolate fondue or build “fondue s’mores” by dipping marshmallows into chocolate fondue before sandwiching them between graham cracker pieces.
  • With just a few forks and one pot, preparation and cleanup is a snap so you can relax and enjoy time with loved ones

Emmi chocolate fondue

I love fondue, and I found the chocolate dessert fondue in the deli section in Vons/Safeway.  If you don’t see it, just ask for help.

You could also do this for entertaining with friends on New Years Eve!  Put on a pot of Eight O’Clock Coffee and you will be the most relaxed host on the block!

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