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Hmmm Waffles!!!


SWEET!!!!! When I lived in the midwest, I was never a HUGE fan of the waffle house, but I do love their waffles. Almost as much as Rosco’s waffles. ;-)

Seems like someone does like their syrupy goodness though. Kid Rock was arrested following a fight in his entourage last night at a Waffle House. SWEET!!!


Police say Kid Rock stopped by a restaurant early Sunday after their show, and a male customer recognized a female in Rock’s entourage. Words were exchanged, and a fight ensued, the station reports.

After police were called, the singer’s tour bus was pulled over, and he and the members of his entourage were arrested. In addition to Rock’s arrest, the male customer also has been charged with a felony for allegedly smashing a window of the restaurant.

There’s just something so, um, ‘down home’ about getting arrested due to a fight at 5am at the Waffle House. Classic.