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Hmmm I wonder?

Blind Items… Let’s guess together.

WHICH actress’ weight gain is being blamed on her scoundrel ex-boyfriend who knocked her up? She only started shedding some of the weight when he forced her to terminate her pregnancy.

Oooh that’s juicy. Who has lost weight recently? Maybe a former reality personality who had a fashion show, and is doing a poor remake of Private Benjamin? Maybe?

WHICH other Hollywood beauty, who’s been showing off her bikini bod lately, is fooling everyone with stories of diet and exercise? Friends say she’s dropping the pounds the old-fashioned way – by snorting cocaine.

Oh please throw a dart and you’ll hit one. Anyone have an idea? I don’t even know where to start.

Which troubled young star was overheard asking where to get crystal meth at a Los Angeles nightclub last weekend?

Karate Kid? Or not… just asking.

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