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Hmmm I wonder?

Blind Items are here again!

Let’s guess together…

WHICH very eligible divorced man has his friends in a quandary now that he’s engaged to get married again? The friends are afraid to tell him his fiancée is a gold digger who’s still seeing her broke boyfriend on the side while waiting for her wedding day.

I know it’s not true, but I’ll say George Clooney… heeehee

WHICH aging supermodel is ensuring her picture still gets taken, despite her bad behavior and spiraling demand, by having an affair with the head of a major photo agency? The sex is so strong, friends say, the agency owner is thinking of leaving his loyal wife of several decades.

Naomi? Jerry Hall?

Which publicist with A-list sports and showbiz clients is known for providing a level of service that would not make their wives very happy?

Oooh naughty! I wonder if it’s a guy or a girl publicist!?