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Hmmm Fresh Diet day 3

Wait, what does a polo field have to do with my meals?

So last night, I went to the 2010 Season Kick-Off Party for San Diego Polo Club. I arrived fashionably late, only because I completely forgot there was an event. It was beautiful people, in a very nice restaurant overlooking the Del Mar polo fields. And there was FOOD waiting to be eaten. Fried macaroni and cheese balls, sausage, meat balls in a creamy sauce, pizza, and noodles with, you guessed it, cream sauce. But instead of diving in, I grabbed a glass of water and looked around for someone to talk to.

Lucky me, I met photographer Ed Masterson who proceeded to introduce me to everyone who was anyone at the party. During the course of the night, Ed introduced me as his daughter, then granddaughter, but it was all in good fun, and most of his friends got the joke. I was able to meet former polo players, the current president of the Polo Club, and the announcer (who everybody just adores).

It seemed to be everybody’s goal to get me to play polo. Or at least take the one free lesson. Charlotte (from London) was even called over to give me the details. Poor girl was also told the polo player I was sitting next to wanted lessons as well, so she gave him more information and attention. Ed finally let her know he was a former pro player, so she laughed and left the table. What about me?! Don’t worry, between Ed, and Polo Player I was convinced to try my first lesson on a Thursday, and it’s free so why not.

Polo Player had to leave to head to Palm Springs, so I was left with Ed, his daughter, a local singer, restaurateurs, a real estate developer, and all on lovely couches with their lovely drinks.

I was tired and it was time to go. Ed did agree to come to my party though, so who know.

What does this have to do with my Fresh Diet? I could not wait to get home and have my dinner. I could have just chowed down on all those goodies that were laid out for me, but I knew I had dinner waiting for me at home! And for me, that’s a big deal. Usually there’s food, but not ready to go, and not made by own private chef. I was more than happy to wait for dinner for when I got home.