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He's just not that into you Premier


FINALLY!   I feel as if I’ve been watching previews of this movie for over a year…. wait, let me check that… Ok it’s been since September 2007!!!   That’s when filming started.  I have a feeling I will be seeing this movie, this weekend.  Or maybe Monday.  Either way, it will be scene.

It seems that Justin Long and Bradley Cooper got along well.  STOP MOLESTING THE MAC!!!  And Ben Affleck is looking mighty fine as well.  I am SO HAPPY to see him back on the red carpet.  I Heart Ben Affleck.

Scarlett Johansson looks different with the dark brown hair.  Almost Megan Fox-ish.  Or is that just me?  And what’s up with that dress?!?!

And I LOVE me some Jennifer Aniston, but what happened to her hair?  Was she going for the morning after look?   A little edgy?  I mean, she’s cool either way, I’m just wondering.

Ginnifer Goodwin, ME-OW!!!  I just had to share that… She looks fantastic!!!  Good for her!  This is so her break out movie.  But I’ve been a fan since Mona Lisa Smile.

Someone needs to stop Jennifer Connelly from wearing those shoulderpad dresses anymore.  She did it before, and she did it tonight… and… it’s just wrong.  STOP IT!

Drew Barrymore left the giant blond debutaunt hair at home, so sad.  But looked very pretty.  I’m digging the pink lips, but only Drew can really pull it off.

Sasha Alexander, Jenna Fischer, Kris Kristofferson, Kaley Cuoco, Jackeline Mc Innes Wood, Kevin Connolly, Jimmy Fallon, and Emmanuelle Chriqui also attended.

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  1. I agree… rawr! haha