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Heart Earnings make Angie Sad


Sometimes the tabloids just can’t make up their minds. Just days after denying this story, US Weekly has THIS to say about Ms. Jolie.

Bad box office numbers can be a real bummer. According to a source close to Angelina Jolie, 32, the actress is “devastated” by the audience rejection of her movie A Mighty Heart (it has earned just $9 million).

“She poured her heart into the story and can’t believe people don’t understand how important it is,” the insider tells Us Weekly in this week’s issue.

It’s basically the same thing that Life & Style said without the “I Hate You BRAD!!!” thrown in. Ok, so I embellished a bit.

I just wonder if she really gives a care about the box office of any of her movies. I mean, did you see the second tomb raider?

And am I the only one who sees this pic (for St John) and is reminded of Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein when he escapes the castle, playing with the flowers? OK, just me.