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Harry Potter Actor Killed

rob knox harry potter murdered stabbed to death

18 year old Rob Knox who is set to appear in the newest installment of the Harry Potter movies was stabbed to death outside a London bar. Above is a photo from what is said to be his Myspace page.

Police have arrested a 21 year old on suspicion of murder.

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Harry Potter actor, 18, is stabbed to death in brawl outside bar

Last updated at 3:36 PM on 24th May 2008

An 18-year-old actor who is set to appear in the next Harry Potter movie was stabbed to death in a fight outside a bar in the early hours today.

Rob Knox was a member of the same rugby club as Jimmy Mizen, murdered in a bakery in Lee, South-East London, two weeks ago.

The drama student died around 1am today in an attack in Sidcup, Kent, and was officially pronounced dead at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.

Police arrested a 21-year-old man on suspicion of murder after he was treated in hospital for facial injuries.

In the new film – Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince – due at cinemas in November – Rob, who had finished his work on the set, plays Ravenclaw student Marcus Belby.

Today Rob’s cousin Vicky May, 16, confirmed his role in the film and said he had also appeared in an episode of the hit TV police drama series The Bill.

Vicky’s father Kevin May, 42, who was Robert’s uncle, said: ‘Rob was such a decent young man. We’re all shattered, his family are in bits, they’re devastated.

‘It’s all such a shock, we can’t believe he’s died, and in such a pointless way.

‘Rob used to play rugby at Sidcup Rugby Club. That’s the same club where Jimmy Mizen went, the lad who was murdered near here two weeks ago. I don’t know if Rob and Jimmy were friends but they were at the same club.

‘Where’s it all going to end? When is this violence and the carrying of knives by young people going to stop? Something’s got to be done.’
Sidcup stabbing

Friends comfort each other at the scene of the fatal stabbing

Rob’s friend Tom Hopkins, 18, who plays football for Southend United youth team, said he pinned down a man armed with a knife outside the bar with the help of another friend, Tarik Ozress, 17.

The pair wrestled with the knifeman for several minutes before police arrived.

Tom, who was stabbed in the head during the struggle, said: ‘Rob was just trying to help out. He was like that.

‘I grabbed the knife; I didn’t know at the time that he had another knife. It was just chaos.’

Friends said Rob and younger brother Jamie were trying to protect each other during the fight.

They said there had been a row over a mobile phone last week and they believe this could have been revenge attack.

During the fight outside Sidcup’s Metro Bar, Nick Jones, 19, was also stabbed in the hand and Charlie Grimley, 17, was stabbed in the cheek and arm.

Four others hurt in the fight are being treated at separate London hospitals – a 21-year-old for a stab wound to the neck, a 16-year-old youth for a stab wound to the chest, and another man in his 20s for hand injuries.

A post-mortem will be carried out tomorrow on Rob, who has not yet been formally identified.

‘These people who carry knives don’t think of the consequences.

‘Rob was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was being there for his brother and sticking up for him.

‘Rob would have been trying to calm the situation down, he wouldn’t want to fight. I don’t know anyone who would have a bad word to say about him.

‘He used to go to that pub every Friday night. I was passing there last night and I was going to pop in there to see him but I changed my mind at the last minute and went somewhere else.

‘I passed there later with my aunt and I heard what had happened, and then I saw Rob lying on the pavement outside Somerfield supermarket next to the Metro bar.

‘There was a big group of people around him. I tried to go over to him but the paramedics took him away in an ambulance. It was awful.’
Relatives travelled with Rob in the ambulance while Vicky went home to care for her younger brother.

Rob also had a younger brother, Jamie. Vicky said: ‘They were like one.’

Friend Liberty Butcher said: ‘He would never start an argument. He would have been the one to stick up for someone. He had so much going for him.’

Rob was formerly a pupil at Beths Grammar School.

His Hogwarts character, Marcus – described as thin and nervous-looking – was considered for membership in the Slug Club in the JK Rowling story.

Marcus’s uncle Damocles created the Wolfsbane Potion but Marcus’s father was not on good terms with the famous potioneer, and for this reason Horace Slughorn ultimately passed Marcus over.

Flowers have been piled where Rob died today.

One tribute read: ‘The flowers will die, the sun will set, you are someone I will never forget.’