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Happy Pie Day! Recipes, Cookbooks and Cocktails

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It is PIE DAY! Let’s all go and celebrate and eat pies until we just cannot move anymore. Apple, cherry, berry, lemon merinque (my favorite) or if you want to get savory what about a pizza pie or frito pie?

175 Best Mini Pie Recipes Sweet To Savory fold over pies Want to make your own pie but don’t want to eat the whole thing? Cookbook 175 Best Mini Pie Recipes: Sweet to Savory is perfect for making your favorite pies in miniature. Move over cupcakes, tiny pies are taking over. With recipes that move from sweet to savory you can make these to take to a party, or as my friend ended up doing, bring them back packing with you out in the mountains of California. Not a bad snack when you’re climbing through Mammoth, or having cocktails in San Diego.

apple of my pie amoretti syrups cocktail

If you’re not into sitting down and eating a slice of pie, how about a pie cocktail? The Apple Of My Pie – Celebrate Fall Cocktail is like having an apple pie in a glass. The base is spiced rum, so that is a great start to any cocktail that will turn into an apple pie. You can even add a dollop of whipped cream and crushed nuts on top if you want to make it even more like a real apple pie. But I would suggest against the slice of cheddar cheese.

Quiche Lorraine a la hops Quiche is a type of pie. Pie made of delicious eggs and cheese. The Quiche Lorraine a la Hops is perfect for breakfast or a friendly brunch. Or if you come to my house, we will probably be having it for dinner with hollandaise sauce poured all over it. YUM!

How will you celebrate Pie Day?

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