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Gwen Stefani Is Back In The Solo Game New Single Baby Don’t Lie Released

No Doubt singer and judge on The Voice Gwen Stefani released her new single baby don't lie

Last night, No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani dropped her new solo single “Baby Don’t Lie”. It has a very heavy pop feel and is sure to be a hit with her loyal fans. This is perfect timing for a new single and more than likely a new album from Gwen Stefani considering she has all of the free exposure from the “talent show” “The Voice.” Simply by being on a so called singing show, Gwen is getting her name and talent out into the general population again and she can do press for the show and her own ventures at the same time. Smart woman. Take advantage of the process when you can.

Need proof? Gwen promoted her new single by announcing on social media that she will be holding a Q & A on twitter Monday October 20th at 10pm EST just after “The Voice” with the tag #babydontlie. She’s savvy that’s for sure.

Honestly, I thought that Gwen was back in the solo music game earlier this summer with the hit “Fancy.” I heard the song while in the car and the only reason I stopped on a local station to listen to the chorus was because I thought she was the one singing the chorus. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was Charli XCX. In fact, Charli XCX’s whole sound on her album is as if her producer said, “Can you give me more Gwen?”

The new single, Baby Don’t Lie, is a departure from her Love. Angel. Music. Baby and Sweet Escape sounds, and it makes me wonder where this new album is going. So, what do you think of the new solo venture single?

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