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Gwen and Gavin have a Malibu getaway

Gavin Rossdale Kingston Rossdale kiss

The rock star couple of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani took to Malibu (of course) with their boys Kingston and baby boy Zuma. Can Gavin and Kingston look any cuter together? And how does Gwen keep the rocker girl/mom thing working even at the beach?

I have to share this. Gavin looks exactly like a friend of mine from grad school. Especially the laid back curly hair. He was the guy everyone would stare at when he entered the room. But he never noticed that the freshmen girls in his class hung on his every word, but didn’t hear a thing. It was hilarious. That Danish accent of his only made it worse for those poor girls. (swoon)

By the way Zuma beach, for which the littlest Rossdale is named for, is not that far from Malibu.

The Media Circuit/Fame Pictures

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