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Guess who needs attention!

sex and the city celebutopia

So, with the Sex and the City Movie coming out in 6 weeks (YAY!!!!), it seems Cynthia Nixon is feeling her time in the spotlight will be short. So she decided to eff over the whole production by saying at a New York event that “a character dies in the movie”. WTF!

Cynthia Nixon must know that she’s never going to get any press. Sarah Jessica Parker (PRODUCER of the show) will get the Vogue cover, Kim Catrall will always be seen as the sexy one, Kristin Davis is just so darn cute and had the whole sex pics scandal that disappeared, but what about Cynthia? No one cares really… I know, I’m going to hell. But since the spot light is back on her, she’s come out about being a breast cancer survivor and now she’s RUINING the MOVIE!

SHUT UP CYNTHIA! I mean, everyone wants to know about the movie, but don’t pull this CRAP just to stay in the spot light.


With that said, I think it’s Steve’s mom, or Steve. But we all hope it’s Miranda… There i said it.


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