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Gold digger wants more $

heather mills wants more money

Now, if I was given $50 Million I’d be rather happy. I mean, REALLY happy. So happy I’d probably get that ugly cry going on… you know what I’m talking about. But it seems alleged gold digger and “model” Heather Mills is so unhappy about her settlement with Paul McCartney that she’s hired her own forensic accountants to get more cha-ching.

Dr Philip Beresford, who compiles the Sunday Times Rich List, said: “All I would say is that we were surprised that the valuation of the music rights and business assets were so low.

“Also we wonder what has happened to Linda McCartney’s money – she was worth some £150million when she died. Also the (McCartney) children all seem to have gone very quiet. They were bleating before about money.

“We were wondering whether he had given them some slabs of money first to keep them quiet and then to keep them off his balance sheet. We were certainly surprised by the figures. Obviously it is in the interest of his accountants and himself to keep the figure as low as possible.”

As someone who once blasted the rich, she also claims that she can’t possibly raise he daughter on $70K a year. That’s in ADDITION to the 50 MILLION she was awarded. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND???? Bitch needs to step down or give their daughter to Paul. That might be the best idea. That way Heather can play the martyr even more… oh poor me, I have all this money and now no daughter to keep me from landing a new man…boohooo…..