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Gold Digger Blasts the Rich

I don’t know who Heather Mills has for her new publicist, but they’re terrible. Well, that and she can’t keep her trap shut!!!!

Gold digger was giving a speech at Trinity College Dublin… and she had to go THERE! She went and talked about how rich people basically suck and how she only associated herself with them to get funding for her charities. Please, girl. You’re not fooling any body! If they were sooooooooooo terrible, you wouldn’t have married Paul McCartney. *gold digger*

Here’s what she said…

“Sadly, you have to mix at a certain level of people to raise the level of funds you need to bring about the greater good,” she said. “Because people are very snobby. These people who have lots of money, they’re either snobby or they’re stingy. If you have lots of money, you have to be stingy — because why would you want that amount of money?”

She also compared herself to human rights crusaders down through the ages, suggesting they all had been victimized for their beliefs.

“If you look at every single person in the history of the world who has tried to make a difference, you’ll find a very long section of their lives where they were treated horrifically by the government or by the media,” she said.

Is she DELUSIONAL?!?!?! She’s reportedly been offered $50 MILLION in the divorce from McCartney but she wants twice that. I think Paul’s lawyers should get a copy of this on video (you KNOW someone taped it) and bring it to court. We don’t want her to have to associate with “rich people” any more now do we???