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Go Red For Women: 1 in 3 Faces Heart Disease #GoRed

Go Red For Women One In Three Heart Disease

On February 7th, plans to “Go Red” to help raise awareness of women’s heart disease. One in three women will die from this condition. Since it started, the Go Red campaign has been able to reduce heart disease in women by 34% and there’s been a 23% increase in awareness that heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the last 10 years.

On a personal note, I have family with heart conditions and high blood pressure is hereditary, this issue is especially close for this little SoCal pinup. I am joining Go Red to help keep the numbers from growing.

On February 7th, America is going RED for National Go Red Day, and I’d love for you to participate by encouraging everyone you know to wear red and post the photos on their social media using the hashtag #GoRed.

I know you have women in your life that you love, and together we can help raise awareness about this terrible disease to save their lives and other women’s lives everywhere.

What can YOU do to help reduce heart disease in yourself? Here are some easy tips.

– There are 1440 minutes in a day. Take just 30 of those and get some exercise & your risk of getting heart disease will decrease 30-40%.

– Heading out for a workout? Your body needs energy. Grab a banana or a low-fat yogurt. Your heart will thank you!

– Blueberries are so good for the heart. Send some to school with your little loved one today!

– Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can decrease your risk of heart disease by 30-40%. Try these quick at-home routines, your heart and your family will thank you!

– Making sandwiches for lunches? Cold cuts have very high sodium content, which increases the risk of heart disease.

– Salmon and albacore tuna can help lower cholesterol, which lowers your risk of getting heart disease. Who’s up for sushi tonight?

– When smokers quit smoking, their chance of getting heart disease is cut in half in just one year.

Let’s start to make heart disease history. Learn more about how you can decrese your chances of heart disease at


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  1. This is so scary…a very startling statistic. Time to go red for sure!

  2. Wow, great wake up call for all women. And great tips for lowering risk.

  3. Thanks Cari for helping to raise awareness, people don’t realize how many women die of heart disease every year, so sad.

  4. It was always interesting to me that people assume breast cancer is the number killer of women and until the Go Red campaign, I never heard heart disease mentioned in regard to women. So thankful for the awareness.

  5. This is such a scary thing. Thanks for sharing this. We all need awareness!

  6. Awesome post thanks for sharing…. Its always good to bring awareness to heart disease

  7. Very important cause, one of the biggest killers of women.

  8. Losing a family member to cancer was enough for me, I can’t support this charity enough.