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Go back to Sleep!

I just don’t get the fascination with the cheerleader from Heroes. She was on Law and Order SVU a few years ago, as a total spoiled brat ho and I didn’t see any acting there.

But anyways, Hayden Panattierre released a song, “Wake Up Call” and here’s the video for it. I, uh, yeah. I feel dirty for watching it and it sounds like she’s trying to be Paris Hilton. No REALLY!!! Remember when Paris did “Stars are Blind”? Yeah, that stuff was Grammy compared to this. In fact, I BOUGHT the Paris Hilton single, and it’s STILL on my IPOD for summer.

So let’s watch that video instead… it reminds me of Herb Ritz directed Wicked Game… La la la.. Even though the gods are crazy, Even though the stars are blind….

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