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Girls Next Door THIRD Playboy Cover!

playboy cover girls next door feb 2008

YIPPIE!!! I am so going to be at Barnes and Noble when this comes out!!!! The Girls Next Door are getting their THIRD PLAYBOY cover for March! It’s to celebrate their Sexiest Celebrities issue. Hef said this wasn’t planned but rather happened because of the readers.

“It kinda happened by accident,” Hefner told The Associated Press. “It was not the original plan. I knew we were overdue for a cover featuring the girls. For our annual sexiest celebrities list, we always get votes from readers on the Internet of who should be on the top of the list. Lo and behold, as the votes were coming in, we found the girls moving up higher and higher on the list.”

Hef also talks about his relationships with the girls

“To be perfectly frank, I have unexpectedly fallen in love,” Hefner said of his ongoing relationship with the three women. “It is the relationship with Holly that will probably last forever. The others will last for as long as they want it to last before going on with their careers and lives.”

There are said to be THREE different covers, but the one you can buy at your local book store will have Bridget Marquardt, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson in shimmery lingerie with a starry back drop.

The issue will be out February 8th. :-D