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Gilles Marini to return for Sex and the city movie?


I don’t know how Gilles Marini’s sex hungry neighbor, Dante, would be returning for the Sex and the City Movie sequel. I mean, he lives in Malibu, and the movie is in NYC, unless there’s a book tour or something and Samantha joins Carrie out in LA.

But don’t let me be the wet blanket at this pool party. :-) I’d love to see him back on the big screen.

OK! Magazine asked Gilles about returning to SATC.

“There’s a lot of talks. I’m not sure what’s going on yet. Only [SATC writer/director] Michael Patrick King will tell me the future in a phone call —‘What about this?’ And whatever he says, I will say, ‘What about YES?!’ I owe the movie a lot and I know there’s much more to the character to show to the people and we saw one side. We’ll see another and whatever he writes, if I am or not, I’m super proud to have been working with him.”

He even mentioned that he would be getting more lines if he was to return. That wouldn’t be too difficult to have MORE considering all her basically said is “I’m Dante” during his infamous shower scene.

“Lines will come naturally,” he explained. “For example, I did Nip/Tuck with Vanessa Redgrave recently. Playing opposite her was brilliant and yes, there was a lot of lines there. It was emotional and difficult. So, yes, lines are here and offers are here. I just have to show my performing side. I’m ready.”

Gilles adored working with Cattrall. “She’s very supportive. During very difficult scenes, she’s there to tell you, ‘Dude, I went through it, and you can make the best out of it. Keep the attitude. You’re going to make that character phenomenal.’ I went, what? Whoa! She’s so far away from this character, Samantha, when you talk to her. She’s the nicest, most calm, peaceful person.”

So he’s really into the idea of his character Dante coming back to seduce Samantha, right? “Hell yes!” Gilles said.

HELL YES! I think most of us would like to see more of Dante. I mean, more time on the screen. There’s no way we could see MORE of Gilles Marini. I think they should show more of his sweet side, but that’s just me. I’m a big softy. :-)

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