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Gifts to Give When You Can’t Be There

what gifts to give when you cant be there for Christmas

Christmas Gift Guide

While there may be no place like home for the Holidays, sometimes it is just not possible to be there. What do you get for those you cannot see this Christmas? We have a great list of gift ideas for those you cannot snuggle up with this holiday.

Get Cozy

Give the gift of cozy this Christmas. Warm, plush, indulgent to the touch gifts to keep them warm throughout Winter and beyond. Think cozy robes, cashmere scarves, warm slippers, and bubble baths!

We are partial to Lush Cosmetics bath bombs that get fizzy when you put them in a warm bath. They are not something most friends and family would spend the money on for themselves, that’s for sure.  If they are not into bath time, try the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub.  Divine, cozy and warm and it smells great, too.


If you cannot make it home to see family on Christmas, the most beautiful way to make it up to them is with flowers. Teleflora Christmas Arrangements bring in a festive style and are a delight to see. You can add a stuffed animal, balloons or even chocolate if you’re feeling extra giving.

Teleflora Silver Christmas Bouquet

If you have a family that has a good sense of humor, they could even print your picture out and attach it to the card!  It would be like you were there at the table with them spreading cheer in your new festive floral outfit!

Holiday Cheers

Make sure their stockings are full of good cheer, with gifts full of cheers!  *ting* What can be more festive than knowing your loved ones are toasting you even from miles away?

Is dad a fan of whiskey or scotch? Give him a giggle and something that won’t water down his favorite drink with Balls Of Steel.*teehee*

Know he won’t be able to keep a straight face either when he opens it, or any time he has an evening drink. Here’s to you!

Good Taste

Give a gift in good taste, and let them indulge in chocolates, cakes, cookies, or other delicious treats.

We love cookies, and especially chocolate chip or pecan cookies. Not only do we get to indulge in them when we open the box, but we can share it with family, friends and even bring the box into work so we won’t eat the whole thing by ourselves.

Are your loved ones more into chocolate all on its own, not in a cookie?  Trader Joe’s, available on Amazon, has a chocolate passport collection that has chocolates from all over the world in varying percentages of Cacao. A trip around the world in delicious chocolate bars.


Sometimes, no matter how much we love the people around us, we would rather just enjoy the quiet.

Does your sister enjoy her alone time with a good novel? How about giving her a Kindle Paperwhite so she can carry as many books with her as she wants? No need to get a bad back from all her favorite stories weighing her down.

Does your Aunt travel a lot? Nothing makes a trip even more arduous than screaming babies or the chatter box behind her on the plane. Bose has headphones that cut out most of the sound around you. No more screaming babies, hooray!

Need More Gift Ideas?

Of course if you just can’t think of anything else, or you have waited until the last possible minute, you can always buy them a movie streaming service. That way they can watch whatever they want whenever they want, while snuggled up in a warm blanket, wearing their headphones, sipping scotch, and eating cookies!  Merry Christmas indeed!

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